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Mission & Philosophy

GORIZ (eng. Nucleus) – “the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth”


Driven by the philosophy that effective Armenian leaders must serve as active citizens of the world, GORIZ provides a forum to enhance participants’ skills while establishing a network of professionals who are strengthening the Armenian nation and  preserving the Armenian identity, culture and heritage.


Every leader in the GORIZ network is a pillar in his/her Armenian community: they act as a key point of contact with local authorities to initiate and maintain dialogues that advance Armenian issues, with a particular focus on human rights, security, and economic and social development in Armenia and the Artsakh Republic.


GORIZ participants raise awareness of Armenian issues both locally and globally. They foster links between the Republic of Armenia the diaspora – especially the Armenian community in Turkey. Combating racism and hate speech in Turkey by collaborating with advocates within the country is another primary goal of GORIZ.


Members are invited to annual GORIZ leadership seminars in Armenia or EU countries with a rich Armenian tradition. These seminars include media trainings; conferences with high-level experts, political deciders or professionals; exchanging best practices; networking; and cultural visits.


GORIZ is also part of a pedagogical support framework which provides future leaders with the necessary tools and methodology to develop successful projects in connection with Armenia. This assistance is available to them year-round and has proven to serve as an excellent resource.


The GORIZ network is now comprised of 20 participants from 10 countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK and Ukraine) and is actively expanding to more countries across Europe.

GORIZ helps members to:

  • Reinforce their leadership capabilities
  • Develop lobbying and communication skills
  • Gain a deep understanding of contemporary Armenian issues
  • Receive training and project support
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Leverage AGBU resources



  • “Seeker” of talent, “think-tank” and “facilitator”
  • Attract individuals as potential leaders
  • Leverage AGBU know-how, contacts and resources
  • Accompany the individual by giving him/her access to information, network, training and project support

Educational objectives

  • Reinforcement of leadership capacities
  • Development of lobbying and communication skills
  • Better understanding of Armenian issues as well as the reality of Armenia
  • Transmission of a positive attitude: self-confidence, responsibility, citizenship and open-mindedness